A smart app which can understand music practice!

No dependency on any hardware, Violy App follows the notes you play just like a tutor. At the end, it outputs review scores.

Violy App makes practicing easier!

  • Students: Help you to review practicing songs. Find out fault pitches or rhythms in time, so you can correct them in time. Let you practice more efficiently, and get solider foundation.
  • Teachers: Help you to supervise students' practicing activities at home. For class time reduce the requirement of basic problems about pitch/rhythm.
  • Parents: Help you to understand songs. No longer worry about your misunderstanding of music. Practicing target is clear, practicing records are saved.

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Smart Follower

With “Audition”, Violy follows each note as you play.

AI Evaluation

Immediate feedback of intonation and rhythm.

Analysis Report

Overall grade on pitch and timing. Detailed and intuitive presentation.


Teachers can see students' practicing records, and check the detail.

Pitch Following

With “Note-by-note”, player follows notes on the sheet, if the current pitch is correct, cursor will go ahead.

Mass sheets database

All music sheets can be downloaded freely from “Music Cloud”.