App Basics

AI will replace more and more people in low-level industries. It will do in music learning domain, too. Basic things should be done by computer!

During music learning these problems exist widely: fault pitches and rhythms cannot be corrected in time because learners have no ability to hear to know the faults.

For instruments learning, many practices are needed everyday at home. During practicing at home if learners can get in-time feedbacks, the efficiency will be promoted largely.

The founder of this app, also as the dad of a child learner, has the pain spot of NO knowledge about music. So he organized the team to resolve the problem.

You can download this app freely. Most of the features are free in the App.

Free features include: download all sheets, play sheets, pitch following, score following, etc.

A few features are only available to VIP members.

New user can get a free gift of 15 days VIP member. Authenticated teachers will be given free VIP member.

There are about 150 albums in the Online Sheets Libray.

And also, we will update the sheets and add more sheets persistently with no charge.

Support almost all devices (phone/pad) of both Android and iOS platforms.

No support for PC computers, Windows system devices.

The best device to use this App is iPad.

This app will occupy much resources. So some low-level devices or old devices may not run this app. For example 1st/2nd-gen iPad, devices which use below 5.1 version Android system.

Currently this app only supports Violin strings instruments.

Later on it will support Cello,Viola. It will also support Wind music instruments, too.

No schedule to support Guitar,Ukulele,Piano yet.

Sheets, Albums, Lineups

At app home page 'Violy', find 'Sheet Cloud' button at the top, click it to open the online sheet cloud page, then you can see all of sheet albums listed.

The library has some areas. You can switch area at the end of the page.

We will maintain the Sheet Cloud continuously. Current sheets will be updated and more sheets will be added if needed.

Open Violy app, at the top of home page there is a button 'Sheet Cloud', click it to open.

Sheets are organized by albums and lineups. You can search keywords to find a sheet.

At the top of Sheet Cloud page there a navigator 'Search'. Click Search, input keywords in the input area, then click Search on your phone keyboard.

The keywords may be: sheet name, composer name, or album name.

At the home page, find the section 'My Albums', click 'View All' at the right side, then enter album management page.

Long click any album, then will display a delete button at the top right of any album, then click it.

Lineups feature is what you just need. You can add some sheets into a lineup as you need.

At the home page, find the section 'My Lineups', click 'View All' at the right side, then enter lineup management page.

You can also add a sheet into a lineup when downloading a sheet.

Sheet Show

At the top left of sheet show page, under 'Menu' button, there is a button of Metronome. Click it to open Metronome page, then you can ajust speed as you need.

Sometimes you may want to play one section of the sheet repeatedly.

At the sheet show page, click bottom right the button 'Play', then app will play the songs of the sheet from current cursor.

During playing, you can click any note on the sheet, then it will switch to the clicked note to continue to play.

So you can reach the target by clicking on the start note of your section repeatedly.

Currently the sheet songs are synthesized by computer, so it sounds not real.

In addition some sheet score signatures are not supported yet.

We will improve the sheet songs later, and may supply many sources of songs.


Considering the inconvenience of operating on screen when playing instruments, we designed that the player has no need to operate on screen when playing.

1. Find out the sheet you want to play at home page. Click to open the sheet and enter into the sheet SHOW page. Confirm that current practicing mode is 'Audition Mode' which is at the top center.

2. Play open strings E/A/D/G notes one by one. If every note becomes blue at the top center of the page, it says all pass check.

3. Then you can see 'GO' on the screen, and hear DING sound. Then you can start your practicing.

When playing the EADG open strings, slowly, louder.

If still can not pass the check, maybe your instrument is out if tune.

In addition, since the sound of the G open string (4th) is very low, it is much difficult to recoginzed and match, and the sound need to be lourder.

The sheet show page which is in Audition Mode can switch Paragraph State at the top-left 'Menu'.

If the Paragraph State is enabled, then you can click to select sequential multiple sections as you want.

After paragragh selected, then start practicing from the paragrash start note. When playing comes to the paragragh end note, the practicing will finish immediately.

When sheet show page is in Audition Mode and Paragraph State is not enabled, you can start practicing from any note.

Before practicing, where the Start Point Flag is at is you must start playing from.

Just click the note you want to start from, then Start Point Flag switch to the new position.

After E-A-D-G open strings check passes, you just play the sheet from the Start Point Flag note. When you want to end the practice, just stop playing. Then after 6 seconds the app will end the practice.

During Audition Mode practicing, the app should move cursor which point to current played note as you play the sheet.

But sometimes the cursor does not align with the played note song, even the score following breaks off, and the app finish the practice ahead of time.

Basically it is due to: a. too many fault notes; b. the voice is not load enough; c. too much noises interferes.

If confirm the factors of noises and loud voice are excluded, we suggest you do NOT use Violy app to evaluate before you are familiar with the sheet.

Click the metronome button which is under the top-left 'Menu' button, then open the Metronome page.

At the bottom-right corner, can click to open/close the voice of Metronome.

If the Metronome is open state, after Audition practicing starts Metronome sound will rise. Metronome sound will disappear when the practice ends.

At the top-center of sheet show page, default selection is Audition Mode. Can click to switch to Note-by-note.

After switch to Note-by-note, play the current note which cursor points, if correct, the cursor will go ahead to the next note. Otherwise the cursor will not go.

The use of Note-by-note is for practicing pitch notes, it is not for rhythm.

Audition Results

After open a Audition practicing result/record, firstly pay attention to the statistics panel at the bottom of the page.

The panel has 4 parts: Overall, Pitch, Rhythm, Note. Can click the name to switch, and also can slide around to switch.

At the Pitch part, besides attention on fault notes number, high/low side notes are also noteworthy.

On the sheet show, the light-blue background notes are practiced notes. Line segments on the horizontal line below every line of sheet means pitch/rhythm bias. Upward segments mean high, downward segments mean low. When switch to Rhythm panel part, line segments mean biases of rhythm. All else mean biases of pitch.

On the Audition result show page, click on the note which you concern. Then at the stats panel which is at the bottom of the page, the detail of the note will show.

It should be noted that the red number which is at the right of the key of the note means cent offset. 100 cents equals to a half-tone.

After click the Play button which is at the bottom-right corner, it will play the voice from start of the practice. At the same time, the cursor will move along on the sheet.

When playing you can click any note on the sheet, then it will switch to the note to coninue playing. With this feature you can reach the target of only listening part of the voice.

Problems encountered

If you encountered confusing questions when using this app, suggest you to restart the jkpp and try again.

We also hope you can report it to us: switch to page - 'Me'->'Help/Feedback'->Feedback.

Or send mail to us:

This app occupy much resources indeed. It is the fact.

This sheet may be very long. For example on book there are 3 above pages.

For those long sheets we supplied separate parts in the same album. We suggest you use the parts.

Suggest you to use high-performance devices.

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